The catering box is a simple, attractive, insulated container that keeps food at desired temperature for hours. This container is very inexpensive and needs no fuel source … like a pizza box but for hotel pans . . . and with more insulation.

  • Each Catering Box measures 22 1/4” X 13 1/2” X 8”, a perfect fit for your 2" and 4" aluminum half and full size pans to keep food at optimal hot or cold temperature for hours.
  • With many places on the box for your custom sticker or logo design your brand awareness will be front and center at each event.
  • Catering boxes come in Kraft (natural) or can be customized to your needs.
  • Catering boxes are shipped in cases of 20 tops and 20 bottoms laying flat for easy storage and are ready to fold open easily when needed.
  • Each box holds: 3- 2” deep full size catering foil pans, 2 full size 4” pans or 4 half 4” deep pans or a combination of half and full sizes. (others hold only 1 pan per box)
  • Each box is designed to carry up to 30 pounds of hot or cold food.