Catering Boxes :: Keep Hot Food Hot, Cold Food Cold. Happy customers keep coming back!


Packaging your products is the most important marketing tool you have to create and build your successful business. Let your customers know you care about your food quality and their successful event!

Benefits that create more profits

  • Saves Money - no other solution is less expensive and you don't have to buy sterno.
  • Customers love them! Going from handing your customer a few foil pans on a bread rack that gets tossed around in their trunk to a customized delivery system creates the return business you desire. Give your customers what they want, convenience, ease of transporting your meals and a product that stays at the proper temperature in the heat of summer or on cold winter nights.
  • Saves Time - deliver it and leave it! There's no need to pick it up because it's disposable and recyclable.
  • Doubles Deliveries - food stays hot or cold for several hours so your drivers can stay out longer, making more deliveries.
  • Looks Great - in any setting this an attractive way to display your cuisine. Your drop-off buffets will stand out against your competitor's.
  • Creates space in the kitchen - package up catering parties in catering boxes and stack them up until pickup in the cooler or the warmer.
  • Removes the chance of spills - no more messes with sauces running out of foil pans, the transporter holds foil half and full pans sturdy and firmly removing the chance for spilling.

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